Course Name:DAT

Course Category:DAT

March 8, 2021

Duration of the Course:6 weeks


The Pre-Dent GPS guides you through the path to dental school. Our system offers you a pre-requisite review, pairs you with others who are preparing for the DAT (study buddy), and much more.

Our unique system allows you to monitor how competitive you are for dental school. This takes the guess work out of whether or not you can matriculate into a dental school.

​Upon completion of the Pre-Dent GPS you will receive a letter of recommendation that can be added to your dental school application from one of your physician mentors.

Guaranteed score increase

15 hours – Interactive webinar tutor

Resources included:

DAT Bootcamp

5- DAT Achiever Test

MDI Prep Notes

Testing Strategies

Our team

InstructorEmailLocation and hours
Dr. Heston Youngadmin@mdiprep.orgOnline, 7p-9p,
Dr. Sutton
Dr. Kapadia
Dr. Galbraith
Dr. Becco

General Information


MDI Prep in partnership with DAT Bootcamp will provide all the materials necessary for you to succeed.

Expectations and Goals

MDI Prep expects you to study like your really want to get into dental school and become a dentist. Our goal is to make sure you get there.

Required Materials

During the course you will receive information to cover all basic science information that may appear on the exam. In addition, the material that was covered in DAT Bootcamp. MDI Prep participants will have access to question banks that will allow them the opportunity to do short quizzes to test their knowledge of fundamental concepts.

Course Schedule

Week 1Case 1Endocrine system; Oral Diagnosis 1
Week 2Case 2Virology; Prosthodontics 1 and Periodontics 1
Week 3Case 3Nervous System; Endodontics 1
Week 3Case 3Nervous System; Endodontics 1
Week 4Case 4Genetics; Endodontics 2
Week 5Case 5Research methods andEpidemiology; Oral Surgery and Prosthodontics 2
Week 6Case 6Nutrition and Digestive system; Pediatrics and Orthodontics 1

Exam Schedule

DateSubjectContent areas
Exam 1Pre-QuizThis exam will be given prior to the start of the course and will test your knowledge of basic science and clinical sciences.
Exam 2MidtermThis exam will be given after week 6 to test your knowledge of material covered up to that point in the course.
Exam 3Final examThis exam will be completed at the end of the course to test your knowledge of all material covered
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