Course Name:INBDE Level 3

Course Category:Dental

Upcoming classes begin September 13, 2021

Duration of the Course:6 month


The INBDE is a written cognitive examination designed to evaluate a candidate's cognitive readiness for the safe practice of dentistry at the entry level. The INBDE course is a live interactive class taught by U.S. trained doctors. The online recorded classes will assist students in preparing for the interactive class.

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General Information


The INBDE is a new examination that is intended to replace Part I and Part II of the Joint Commission’s National Board Dental Examinations. The course will use an integrated approach by approaching each class based on a particular body system.

InstructorEmailLocation and hours
Dr. Heston Youngadmin@mdiprep.orgOnline, 7p-9p,
Dr. Sutton  
Dr. Kapadia  
Dr. Galbraith  
Dr. Becco  

Expectations and Goals

The INBDE requires examinees to bring to bear basic and/or behavioral science knowledge and cognitive skills in clinical/professional contexts in a way that informs the licensure decision for safe, independent, entry-level competency in the general practice of dentistry.
Course Materials

Required Materials

MDI Prep will be providing students with relevant high yield information through our student portal online. In addition to MDI Prep material for the INBDE, students will use the following resources.
MDI Prep Notes and login

Course Schedule

Week 1Case 1Endocrine system; Oral Diagnosis 1
Week 2Case 2Virology; Prosthodontics 1 and Periodontics 1
Week 3Case 3Nervous System; Endodontics 1
Week 4Case 4Genetics; Endodontics 2
Week 5Case 5Research methods andEpidemiology; Oral Surgery and Prosthodontics 2
Week 6Case 6Nutrition and Digestive system; Pediatrics and Orthodontics 1
Week 7Case 7Basic of Biochemistry; Pediatrics, Orthodontics, Patient Management
Week 8Case 8General Anatomy; Operative Dentistry 1
Week 9Case 9Bacteria and Fungal (treatments); Operative Dentistry 2
Week 10Case 10Cardiovascular system; Oral Pathology 1
Week 11Case 11Respiratory system; Oral Pathology 2
Week 12Case 12Immune and lymphatics; Patient Management
Week 13Case 13Renal Physiology and Dental Anatomy
Week 14Case 14Dental Anatomy and High yield review

Exam Schedule

DateSubjectContent areas
Exam 1Pre-QuizThis exam will be given prior to the start of the course and will test your knowledge of basic science and clinical sciences.
Exam 2MidtermThis exam will be given after week 6 to test your knowledge of material covered up to that point in the course.
Exam 3Final examThis exam will be completed at the end of the course to test your knowledge of all material covered

General Questions:

Level 2 (INBDE | MDI Prep will help you pass your exam) is a three month class that ends after 3 months. Level 3 is the guarantee pass agreement. With level 3 you will take a final exam at the end of the course. If you do well on the final, we will give you permission to take the actual INBDE exam. If you fail the exam after we have said you are prepared for the exam, we will pay for 1/2 the cost for your exam retake. In addition you will have access to all resources for 3 additional months at no additional cost. Both level 2 and level 3 content material is covered in 3 months.

The INBDE classes are offered on either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday from 7p-9p central standard time.

Since starting the INBDE classes in March of 2020, 67 of the INBDE students have taken the exam and 63 have passed. Therefore we currently have a 94% pass rate on the INBDE exam.

Yes, we have dentist from all over the world that join our online class. Please keep in mind that you will need to find out the time difference between the U.S. and your country. 

You will need to pass the get your transcripts translated, apply for dentipin, pass the INBDE exam and TOEFL. To learn more about the steps, visit our blog at: Foreign trained dentist and the INBDE exam – Mdiprep

There are 20 seats available for each class. 

Yes, if you can pay your fee’s in three equal monthly installments. To begin the installment plan, email your full name and email address to: An MDI Prep coordinator will send you an agreement and invoice.

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