No Pressure getting into Dental School

Dr. Sutton came to our pre-dental meeting when I was in undergrad and told us about MDI Prep. My gpa wasn’t the highest ,but my desire to go to dental school was high. I took the MDI Prep DAT class and scored well enough to get accepted to dental school. The MDI Prep program was worth the investment.

Heston Young, DDS

MDI Prep really helped me on my DAT and getting accepted in UT San Antonino dental school. Dr. Sutton really works to make sure you are prepared. I would highly recommend this program.

Kelli Creel (Dental Student)

I took another prep course before taking MDI prep and scored a 14 on my DAT. I was discouraged and then I met with Dr. Sutton and he said don’t give up. I decided to enroll in the MDI Prep class and saw my DAT score increase 5 points with the added bonus of receiving an acceptance to Howard dental school. MDI Prep is more than just a prep course.

Ginger Unegbu (DDS)

How to Get Into Dental School and Become a Dentist

For the past 11 years MDI Prep has helped over 250 students enter Dental School. The road to Dental School is not easy and it is not impossible. Recently I read an article from the U.S. News that outlined some of the important components of getting into dental school....

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