The MDI Prep program really helped me on my MCAT exam, but it also helped me streamline my medical school application process.

Alicia Sanders, M.D.

I was an MDI Prep student, then I became an MDI Prep instructor and now an MDI Prep mentor. This program is a hidden jewel.

Danny Farley, M.D.

MDI Prep never gives up on you. I am thankful that MDI Prep came to PVAMU and offered the MCAT class. It is a great program.

Corey Shy, M.D.


MDI Prep students matriculating to medical school 2019

How to WIN during and after Covid-19. MDI Prep students will keep studying!

The spring of 2020 will be known as the pandemic that changed the world. We understand that we are not alone in our interactions and the fall of one could mean the fall of many. Something else that is interesting that came out of the Covid-19 experience was the...

Are you medical school ready?

For years prior to medical school, the thought of what a doctor looked like was starkly different from how most pre medical students viewed it. This could have been one of the reasons that starting medical school at the age of thirty five was not far fetched for me....

Tears won’t change the score

Since starting the MDI Prep in 2009 I have seen my share of student victories, but I have also seen some defeats. The hardest part about exam prep is consoling and rejuvenating the student that has failed their exam. Last year for some odd reason we had three students...

Mastering the Multiple Choice exam

One of the things that strikes fear into the young and old is the dreaded multiple-choice exam. More often than not test takers have struggled with eliminating answers, random guessing or simply trying to make sense of what the question is asking. For over 10 years we...

Step 1 – Choose an On-Demand MCAT course

Pre-Med GPS

The Pre-Med GPS guides you through the path to medical school. Our system offers you a pre-requisite review, pairs you with others who are preparing for the MCAT (study buddy), and much more.

​Our unique system allows you to monitor how compettive you are for medical school. This takes the guess work out of whether or not you can matriculate into a medical school.

​Upon completion of the Pre-Med GPS you will recieve a letter of recommendation that can be added to your medical school application from one of your physician mentors.

General Questions

What is the cost of the MDI Prep program?

The MDI Prep Pre-Med GPS cost $3,500, which includes a complete MCAT package and medical school admission assistance.

When does the MDI Prep course begin?

All Pre-Med GPS programs begin the third Monday of December, April, July and September.

What is your success rate?

Over 90% of the students in our program matriculate into medical school.

How many students do you have in a class?

Our class size is 20 students.

Where are your classes held?

Fall and Spring classes are held online through Adobe connect. They are live interactive classes and students will need a good computer with wifi and microphone to participate.

Do you have payment plans?

The comprehensive MDI Prep program can be paid in 3 equal installments.

When should I start the MDI Prep program?

The best time to start the MDI Prep program is after you have completed (Chemistry 1 and 2, Physics 1 and 2, Biology 1). It is advised to complete Organic chemistry and Biochemistry before joining the group, but not required.

Does MDI Prep have a gpa requirement for the program?

We do not have specific gpa, we look at all factors that would make you a good candidate for medical school.

About Our Services

MCAT tutorial and strategies

The key to a successful MCAT score is understanding the content and then being able to apply that content to questions. We believe that there is wonderful content provided by the three services we recommend (see above). MDI Prep applies a unique approach to questions that teaches you the critical thinking skills to apply your content to questions.

Medical School Application

Our application serivce assist each student with assembling a competitive medical school packet. Each application is reviewed by a physician or MDI Prep medical faculty member that is experienced in medical admissions. In addition MDI Prep provides 2 essay edits and 2 secondary essay edits.

Test anxiety solutions


Medical mentor

The best place to get advice about the medical school process is from someone who has travelled your path. Each MDI Prep student is assigned a medical mentor (physician or medical student) that will serve as secondary  guide.