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I was distraught before I came to MDI Prep. I failed the NBDE 2 on multiple attempts  and felt I needed some guidance. I met with Dr. Sutton and MDI Prep gave me the tools to finally pass the NBDE 2. 

Dr. Kevin King


I am so happy that Dr. Sutton helped me reach my dreams. MDI Prep helped me understand how to really take a multiple choice test. They are very professional and I love the passion they have for teaching.

Dr. Mary George


General Questions

What is your success rate?

Over 90% of our students pass the NBDE 2 on the first attempt after completing our level 3 class.

When is your course offered?

We offer our course 4 times per year (September, November, February, May. On occasion we offer a summer course starting in July.

Do you have any guarantee that comes with your program?

Yes with our level three (3) it comes with a guarantee pass. If a students follows the course material and completes all quizzes and takes the NBDE 2 exam after given approval by our director, we guarantee their pass. In the event a student did not pass, we will pay for the exam and continue working with them at no additional cost.

How many students do you have in a class?

The class size is only 20 students per course cycle.

Where are your classes held?

The majority of our group classes are held online through adobe connect. It is a live interactive program that allows the students and instructor to communicate using microphones, whiteboard and writing tools. We do over private NBDE 2 classes at our office in Houston, Texas

What type of materials do you use to prepare the students?

We have our own MDI Prep notes for the NBDE 2. We also issue the Mosby book to our students. In addition students will have access to our online quiz bank with over 1000 questions.

How often does the class meet?

Classes meet 2 times per week for 1-2 hours. The course syllaybs is completed in 12-14 weeks. Class times begin at 7p central standard time.

Do you have a payment plans?

Yes we offer 2 equal monthly installments for Level 2 and 3 equal monthly installments for level 3.

About Our Services

Live online classes

MDI Provides live interactive online classes with real-time instructors. Each class is recorded just in case you need to review items you may not have understood during the live class. Each student should have a microphone to better interact with the instructor and class.

Private tutorial

If you are still struggling with the content material after completing classes, a private tutor can be assigned. The cost of the private tutor is determined by their level of experience. For more information on private tutors call (888) 827-9881

Test anxiety solutions

We understand that the exam can be stressful at times, and that’s normal. However, if you find yourself unable to focus while studying or performing poorly on practice test despite knowing the content, you may be suffering from test anxiety. We can evaluate you for free and if you need further assistance, a strategy can be created to solve the problem. Over 90% of those suffering from test anxiety do not realize it until after they take the actual exam.

Dental essay assistance

One of the most important items in your dental application is the essay. We provide expert review and suggested edits to your essay. For more information call: (888) 827-9881

English as second language for NBDE

If English is your second language, the NBDE can be a little more challenging. We have speech pathologist and ESL instructors that can assist you with better understanding the words and their root meanings on the NBDE. For pricing call: (888) 827-9881.