The INBDE is a written cognitive examination designed to evaluate a candidate’s cognitive readiness for the safe practice of dentistry at the entry level. The INBDE course is a live interactive class taught by U.S. trained doctors. The online recorded classes will assist students in preparing for the interactive class.

Guarantee Pass

Up to 6 month live instruction

Access to video review bank

Testing strategies

Dental Mastery app

Subscription to INBDE Bootcamp

TOEFL preparation

MDI Prep Study guide

Mosby book

Dental application review

Essay editing

MDI Prep question bank



Instructor Information

InstructorEmailLocation and hours
Dr. Suttonadmin@mdiprep.orgOnline, 7p-9p,
Dr. Young
Dr. Cody
Dr. Barnes
Dr. Berglund

General Information


The INBDE is a new examination that is intended to replace Part I and Part II of the Joint Commission’s National Board Dental Examinations. The course will use an integrated approach by approaching each class based on a particular body system.

Expectations and Goals

The INBDE requires examinees to bring to bear basic and/or behavioral science knowledge and cognitive skills in clinical/professional contexts in a way that informs the licensure decision for safe, independent, entry-level competency in the general practice of dentistry.

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