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So Here’s How We’ve Done So Far!!

MDI Prep students accepted to medical school

MDI prep students accepted to pharmacy school

MDI Prep students accepted to dental school


MDI prep students passing NBDE on first attempt

Hi, I’m Dr. Sutton

My story is one of overcoming odds through education and support. Despite being homeless in my senior year of high school, I learned some valuable lesson while at the Covenant House Shelter. These lesson along with family support allowed me to successfully complete medical school and build an education company to help others. In 2009, along with the help of Dr. CD Johnson, Dr. Judianne Kellaway, and Dr. Kevin Smith, we discussed ways to help students achieve success. I started researching the best strategies for test taking and since 2009 MDI Prep has:

Inspired students to believe they can do it, even when it seems impossible

Taught students test-taking strategies through the emotional retention method

Developed practical solutions to overcoming test anxiety

Helped over 450 students enter medical, dental and pharmacy school

Helped over 150 foreign-trained doctors obtain their U.S professional license

… and more. Our goal is to help students pass the necessary exams to accomplish the dreams they have set for themselves. We won’t stop until every student crosses the finish line.

Better Education is Our Mission

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