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The INBDE HAS STARTED: See what some test takers are saying!

As you might imagine, it’s not easy trying to prepare for an entirely new dental exam. But if you put in the work to review the proper material offered by MDI Prep, the benefits are massive: Increase probability of passing the INBDE on the first attempt Put yourself in a position to receive your U.S. dental license Decrease the amount of time trying to find answers to INBDE questions Speed up the process of providing financial security for your family Let’s explain how you can benefit from MDI...

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INBDE Exam – How much basic science do you need to know?

INBDE Blog Day 1 Today our first INBDE class was extremely interesting. One of the things observed was that out of the 20 dentist enrolled in the class, 50% had an average understanding of the basic sciences and the other 50% had a below average understanding of the basic sciences. When we mention basic science we are referring to Biochemistry, Physiology, Gross Anatomy, and Pathology. There were several factors that contributed to their lack of proficiency in the basic sciences. Why are some...

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How to WIN during and after Covid-19. MDI Prep students will keep studying!

The spring of 2020 will be known as the pandemic that changed the world. We understand that we are not alone in our interactions and the fall of one could mean the fall of many. Something else that is interesting that came out of the Covid-19 experience was the resiliency of people. Where economic and personal relationships could have ended their life, they pushed on despite the bleak circumstances. Therefore, this article is meant for all those who may have lost something during this time but...

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Foreign trained dentist and the INBDE exam

The INBDE exam for foreign trained dentist message: As the world pushes through the pandemic we are quickly realizing how important we are to one another. In the past we may have simply been concerned about our individual homes, but now it is apparent that we all have a responsibility to our neighbor. When one is affected we run the risk of all us being infected. This brings in to question how important is it for...

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Are you medical school ready?

For years prior to medical school, the thought of what a doctor looked like was starkly different from how most pre medical students viewed it. This could have been one of the reasons that starting medical school at the age of thirty five was not far fetched for me. Looking back I realized that there is no physical prototype for a physician, but there are some characteristics that many medical students have in common. Lets explore some of the most common characteristics that medical schools...

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How to Get Into Dental School and Become a Dentist

For the past 11 years MDI Prep has helped over 250 students enter Dental School. The road to Dental School is not easy and it is not impossible. Recently I read an article from the U.S. News that outlined some of the important components of getting into dental school. These same suggestions are part of the road map we give to each one of our pre-dental students. According to U.S. News: A career as a dentist typically results in a six-figure annual salary. The median salary for a U.S. dentist...

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The INBDE exam is coming

Since 2010 MDI Prep has been instrumental in helping students pass the NBDE 1 and NBDE 2. Now a new exam, the INBDE will replace the old NBDE exams. This has caused some potential test takers to panic. What does this mean for those preparing for the exam? In this blog we have outlined some of the key components of the new exam, when this exam will be implemented and how to best prepare for the INBDE. Components of the new...

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Tears won’t change the score

Since starting the MDI Prep in 2009 I have seen my share of student victories, but I have also seen some defeats. The hardest part about exam prep is consoling and rejuvenating the student that has failed their exam. Last year for some odd reason we had three students who had almost the same emotional personality. All three were bright students, but they were extremely hard on themselves. Needless to say when they failed their exam, their response was the same, "crying". One of the students we...

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