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How to Get Into Dental School and Become a Dentist

For the past 11 years MDI Prep has helped over 250 students enter Dental School. The road to Dental School is not easy and it is not impossible. Recently I read an article from the U.S. News that outlined some of the important components of getting into dental school. These same suggestions are part of the road map we give to each one of our pre-dental students. According to U.S. News: A career as a dentist typically results in a six-figure annual salary. The median salary for a U.S. dentist...

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The INBDE exam is coming

Since 2010 MDI Prep has been instrumental in helping students pass the NBDE 1 and NBDE 2. Now a new exam, the INBDE will replace the old NBDE exams. This has caused some potential test takers to panic. What does this mean for those preparing for the exam? In this blog we have outlined some of the key components of the new exam, when this exam will be implemented and how to best prepare for the INBDE. Components of the new INBDE exam It appears that the JCNDE is setting the...

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Tears won’t change the score

Since starting the MDI Prep in 2009 I have seen my share of student victories, but I have also seen some defeats. The hardest part about exam prep is consoling and rejuvenating the student that has failed their exam. Last year for some odd reason we had three students who had almost the same emotional personality. All three were bright students, but they were extremely hard on themselves. Needless to say when they failed their exam, their response was the same, "crying". One of the students we...

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How to pass the NBDE while struggling to understand the English language.

As the CEO of MDI Prep I have taught the NBDE Biochemistry for over 7 years. Most of our students are foreign trained dentist. Super smart and intelligent individuals who have a thorough understanding of dentistry. So why do so many of these foreign trained dentist come to our program after failing the NBDE exam? I think the answer is clear, it's not because they don't understand the information, it is because the questions may be difficult to understand due to the language structure. Get a...

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Mastering the Multiple Choice exam

One of the things that strikes fear into the young and old is the dreaded multiple-choice exam. More often than not test takers have struggled with eliminating answers, random guessing or simply trying to make sense of what the question is asking. For over 10 years we have taught our students at MDI Prep an easy way to unravel the mystery of the multiple choice test and maximize the correct answers. First of all understand that hard work and studying is still required to perform well, but our...

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